Ensuring the Arts for ANY GIVEN CHILD JUNEAU

Every Juneau student learning in and through the arts
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Arts Learning

Sustain, expand and celebrate programs and strategies for learning in and through the arts and culture for all K-12 students; focusing on equity for K-8 and depth for grades 9-12.

Arts Teaching

Increase professional development in the arts, arts integration and culture for all stakeholders, educators, arts specialists, teaching artists, administrators, and arts organizations

Community Engagement

Connect with families, artists, educators, policymakers, businesses and partners to build awareness about the value of arts and cultural experiences for all students, and inspire support and advocacy across our community


A Collective Impact

Inviting community members and groups to collaborate and bring strengths and abilities together in order to achieve long-term goals for student experiences and learning in and through the arts and culture.

Community Partners

Our local partnerships are instrumental, allowing AGC Juneau to collaborate, support and ultimately address the local landscape of arts and cultural education to leverage new resources where there is need.

Student Access

Ensuring that every Juneau School District student has equitable access and opportunity to learn in and through the arts during the school day, AGC Juneau supports sustainability of current arts and cultural education, as well as growth.

Increased Capacity

Growing efforts to design and lead quality arts and cultural education programs through workshops and seminars for classroom teachers, specialists, administrators, community leaders, teaching artists, and arts and cultural organizations.

Join the Initiative!

ANY GIVEN CHILD Juneau relys on the whole community coming together with ideas and input on how to  ensure equitable access to arts and cultural  experiences and learning in and through the arts and culture  for every Juneau student.